Why learn Software development ?

Hi everyone in this article I would like to share my opinion on why you should learn software development and why not become an expert in this industry.

Nowadays, Technology is creating changes in every field and of course, it affects the way we are living.An essential right for every human being is to get the job that he likes ; Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that oblige people to not get this right.Now ,if you are one of them and you want to change your career or you are still searching which career do you want to choose for your future, I would suggest the field of software engineering but also I want you to understand that software engineering is not for everyone, if you are not sure or you want some motivation to keep learning; the 5 main reasons in my opinion are :

Reason 1: you will always have a job

Developers are the people who are capable of building stuff for a world that is becoming increasingly more reliant on technology. That’s why the demand for developers is only going to increase more and more over the next ten years. Wherever you go in this globe you will find a programming job and the demand is so high; who do not want to have a website, mobile app or a piece of software that automates some tasks? The answer is no one; every company today should have at least a website and uses a software in their work. look around yourself and imagine a world without a mobile app, web application or a software on your pc.It’s very important to other fields too where they use a software to do some maths or stimulations such as medicine, education, animations etc….So the job is there!

Reason 2: the Salary

                                           Software engineer salary

Developers are making money out there ! not just from companies but you can create apps and sell them to clients and guess what you can work from home and get a lot of cash, go search in google for remote developer jobs and enjoy the results.

Reason 3: The community

The community of software developers is so amazing, meetups are everywhere.We are always connected on Github, StackOverflow multiple websites, open source community and talk about latest frameworks and trends in technology out there and the most important thing is that we help each other in solving errors:).

Reason 4: You have the control of your life

The one and only responsible for your growth is you, it depends on the effort you make to learn code and the latest technologies in the market, there are no limits for your career, and it does not depends on who you know in the company; do you want to get to the top? it is based on how much effort do you make to become a better programmer.

Reason 5: it is just cool!

The joy of creating things and the process of building software applications is very amazing, dealing with bugs and errors, solving problems every single day with amazing team members, these daily challenges keep programmers motivated.Most of the time you will be building an application that will be used by thousands of people and that is why I feel proud of myself and gives me the motivation to learn more and become a better Geek:).

Thank you for your time.


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